Episode 1

"Saving Grace" Episode 1: Beginning in Powelton 

In episode 1: Jeff Clarke meets the Authors of "The Historical Rural Churches of Georgia", Sonny Seals and George Hart. Jeff vows to visit every church in the book in an effort to raise awareness of their peril.  Jeff begins his travels in the small unincorporated village of Powelton. He visits the old Powelton Methodist ( 1800's ) and Baptist ( 1798 ) churches and speaks with Charles Jones a Baptist minister and historian. Jeff visits the old baptismal pool in the woods near the Baptist church and learns about Jessie Mercer and his some of experiences as the church's minister for some 30 years. Jeff drives on to Penfield Baptist (1847 ), the original location of Mercer University. Jeff completes the show's traveling with a visit to the "gone but not forgotten church of Ezekiel Congregational Methodist (1899 ) in Ware county.