Episode 5

"Saving Grace" Episode 5: Grace, Fountain Campground and Antioch Baptist 

In episode 5: In the renaissance community of Clarksville, Jeff visits Grace Calvary Episcopal. Organized in 1838 this church served as a retreat for the "well to do" from the malaria on the coast. It's unique Greek Revival architecture, more prominent in New England, was the idea of Jarvis VanBuren the cousin of president Martin VanBuren. Grace still holds regular Sunday service and is an iconic landmark in Clarksville.  Jeff visits the famous and still popular Fountain Campground in Warren south of Washington, Ga. Colorful locals and a Baptist minister tell us what life is and was like in the campground. George Turner, son of the last Antioch Deacon, is desperate to "not let his daddy's church fall down".  George discovers Historic Rural Churches of Georgia are partners in the dream to save Antioch Baptist, built in 1886 by freed slaves.